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Monday, April 30, 2012

One Cool Dude

I  have been on the fence about posting pictures of my son on my blog. Part of me wants to share pictures of him with you guys, but the other part of me is nervous of crazy people and predators that would take copies of his pictures and all that..that scares me. But after a long time of thinking about it, Ive decided to share pictueres of him with you guys sometimes, but not that often.
he's so cool, i cant stand it!

My son is one cool dude...look at this kid. We went to a drumline show over the weekend and we were sitting in the audience just waiting for the show to start and he kept putting my moms sunglasses on. This kid, im telling you he has so much swag and he just turned 3! I love my little rock star to death, he's so cool. Since I got my gear for roller derby he wants to skate too. I love taking him skating on the weekends (sucks that that is the only time that the rinks are open though). We try to go skating whenever we can, so i think tomorrow we might do some skating around the complex in the afternoon! Anyways my husband and I got him some "baby skates" to learn on, and protective gear, and its the most adorable thing ever!!!!

he's ready to roll!

me and little man getting ready to go skating!

our skating gear!

I know that everyone thinks that their kid is cute, obviously I think that too. I just can't explain to you guys how much I love him. He makes my days so much better. Even when he drives me crazy, i love it. Through out the two miscarraiges so far this year (yes i said two, but I will talk about the second one at a later date) I look at him andI feel a little bit at ease. He truly is my sunshine and when he smiles, i forget about what was bothering me.

my big boy with Mr. Socko


  1. Oh, he's definitely a cool dude!

  2. thank you! when he's not being uber cool he's a part time comedian too kiss crack me up!


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