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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

i dream of roller derby

this evening after out soon went to bed, i went rummaging through YouTube trying to find inspiration for my own roller derby training. there are a ton of great resources on there, but it sucks doing it alone. i've been putting my skates on often and trying not to die, but i ding think I'm doing as much as i could be doing. maybe its because im a new skater and i want to be ae to skate well 'right now' and the learning prices isn't fast for me on this. i need to be on my skates more, i need to skate more. i want it all to coffee together right now, but nothing worth having (or in my case, doing) comes easy. i know this, but it sill doesn't keep me from being impatient. i know i need to take baby steps. i need to feel comfortable on my skates. i read a blog  online somewhere and the discussion was the fear of falling versus actually falling. i think this might be going on with me. although i've flailed my arms around and lost my balance more times than I've had my skates on, I've not fallen yet. i've been working on knee falls and while i an getting more comfortable with falling on purpose, falling from accident makes me stiffen up and i already know that's bad juju. i told myjacana he might need to knock me down do i go ahead and fall, since right note i can't seem to just let it happen and stay loose and relaxed. i've come up with a cool list so far of what i can do to practice on my own, but it would be awesome to find someone to skate with me. I've give to open skate with my son at one roller rink, but they are only open weekends. there is one more roller rink that is open on the weekend a well that i why to check out. I'd love to find a skating partner, anyone in Louisville, let me know!!!

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