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Friday, September 04, 2015

Diablo 3

Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls is a badass game. I love it. I've played it for a while on my PC, but now that we have an Xbox One, we downloaded it and have been playing it a lot.

While the story lines are obviously the same, there are most definitely a lot of differences between the PC version and Xbox One. First of all the graphics are amazing. On my PC, I have a pretty sweet graphics card, and everything looks great, but holy crap the picture quality is clear, crisp and flows great. The second difference is in the actual game. Leveling up somehow seems much easier on Xbox. I have no idea why, but it seems that way. For those who don't know about Diablo 3, you gain regular levels up to level 70. That's the level cap. From that point on, you gain paragon levels.

  • On my PC, I have a witch doctor who is at paragon level 26. It feels like I've been doing a lot of work and it has taken me FOREVER to gain the few paragon levels I have. That's even playing with someone who is at a much higher paragon level that I have. Even going through rifts!!! But on console, within 15 minutes I was well over Paragon level 100! That's just insane! I do enjoy playing Diablo 3 on the Xbox a little better though. The controls are a lot easier and I like being in the living room instead of having to stay in my office (I play on my desktop so I'm trapped in there) . I honestly don't know if I'll go back to playing Diablo on my PC.It's just way too much fun on console! Eventually I'd like to stream my gameplay, but that will have to he some time later. After we move, get settled, and I have the right equipment for streaming live. If anyone wants to play a bit, be sure to hit me up on Xbox live!

Nerdy love to ya!

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Evon is a lifestyle blogger based in Texas. She has a passion for nerd culture, food and movies. To find out more about Evon, and this blog, take a look at the About Me page!

Thursday, September 03, 2015

Dying Light

So, let's talk about the game Dying Light (for Xbox One). Maybe I should say, Game That kicks up my Anxiety. This game is pretty interesting, but also nerve wrecking. Especially at night. This is a zombie game, and a pretty good one at that! Your character has a very realistic feel to him. He doesn't have any kind of super human strength, he runs but gets winded, and the little things he says here and there are hilariously accurate (like if you were running from a zombie that got really close to you, you'd be like 'oh shit' or something).

Of course you can upgrade your weapons, add mods as well. You gain survival points just like skill points in any other game. The main character must have been a hardcore parkour enthusiast before the zombie outbreak because dude jumps, climbs, rolls and aggressively runs throughout the whole game. Roof tops seem to be his favorite route in getting around. But I guess it's an easier way to get around and avoid zombies that are wandering around on the ground levels. Now,  there are several different kinds of Zombies that are in this game. There are the slow ones, you know the typical slowpoke ones that shuffle around aimlessly. But then there are some crazy ass ones that have spunk. Think 28 days later kind of Zombies. The ones that will not only lunge at you, but will also run after you, and attempt to climb to get to you,

So I mentioned nighttime, right? At night, things get crazy. Not only do you have to worry about the Zombies, there are other things you have to be on the lookout for. They are the Volatiles and Night Hunters. These things are freaking scary (and ugly as hell)!

Playing the game at night has me not only super jumpy, I'm seriously freaked out. People with anxiety might not be the best for games like this. At night I feel like I might just have a heart attack!!! It's a good thing that there are safe houses (safe zones) throughout the areas.

It's still early into the game, so I don't really know much else about the storyline or the baddies in it, but so far it's cool. Anyone with an Xbox One who wants to play,add me on Xbox Live! My gamertag is EVONVON

Nerdy love to ya!

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Evon is a lifestyle blogger based in Texas. She has a passion for nerd culture, food and movies. To find out more about Evon, and this blog, take a look at the About Me page!

Wednesday, September 02, 2015

The Day

Consider me 0-3 on scary movies.  This is the third not so scary scary movie we've watched. Honestly, I didn't really have any expectations for this movie. It was under Horror, but it was also on netflix ...and we all know how Netflix is totally unpredictable when it comes to good movies VS bad ones. Nonetheless, we said what the hell.

The Day is set in a post apocalyptic era. The movie starts with a small group that is walking along a deserted farm type area. Dominic Monaghan (one of the Hobbits from the Lord of the Rings series) was In it.

From the look of their surroundings and group, I assumed this was a Zombie movie. They needed to find a place to stay for a little while because it was raining (and someone in their group was sick as hell, coughing like he was dying). One girl with them had that whole 'Daryl Dixon' feel to her. She was very much a loner, didn't talk to anyone, but she was aces with her shotgun. She was hyper aware of her surroundings and had a concerning look on her face while looking at a field around an abandoned house. They decide to stay there because it started to rain. The group settle inside the house and try to relax, talk and wait out the rain.

They each seem to be dealing with their own personal hell, but I guess in an apocalyptic world, everyonewill have experienced some level of loss. Like other movies like this, food is scarce. When the group searches the house, they find a stockpile of canned goods. But they were setup! The cans were filled with rocks. When their leader (Hobbit guy) grabs a whole crate, a giant hook thing Swings down and impails him. Then an alarm goes off... a LOUD one. At this point, we were hoping to see a Zombie or something. After all, they were talking about the sound attracting 'them'.  When you finally get to see what 'they' are, its a pretty huge dissapointment. Instead of Zombies, they are freaking cannibals. CANNIBALS!!!

Two cannibals show up and want to eat them. But after an altercation, they leave. But the group finds out that their loner traveling buddy is also a cannibal. Apparently all of the cannibals havesome sort of stamp, or tattoo or something that basically shows that they eat people. Needless to say,they were furious. They beat her up pretty bad but didn'tkill her. In the end, she winds up fighting with them to kill a weird clan of gypsy cannibals in an epic showdown at the abandoned house.  The loner cannibal is the only Survivor, and the movie ends with her walking down the dirt road, heading for What looks like the woods.

I don't know if I can accurately describe how annoyed and let down I was after this. You can't set up a movie to seem like a zombie movie when it's not. And I particularly cant stand when there a monsteror bad guy but you don't know what it is. I understand wanting to have a bit of mystery about your baddie, but come on! A clue, a hint, something please! Back to the drawing board I suppose. I wonder how many bad movies I'm going to suffer through before I find a good one!? Maybe I'll start up a new series here on the blog about totally lame stuff. Ha, that will be pretty funny! I hope I can find a good scary movie soon!

Nerdy love to ya!

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Evon is a lifestyle blogger based in Texas. She has a passion for nerd culture, food and movies. To find out more about Evon, and this blog, take a look at the About Me page!

Monday, August 31, 2015

American Printing House For The Blind

Learning is good, even when you're on vacation. While back in Louisville Kentucky, we were able to visit the American Printing House for the Blind (which was right next door to the school for the blind). We were able to do a tour of their entire factory and got to learn a lot about what exactly they do. Like most people, when I hear 'printing house for the blind', I take it as face value. When in fact they produce all kinds of material not just for those who are blind. They also make a lot of things for people with low vision (people who have very little sight, or significant trouble seeing).

I was surprised to learn that there are so many other options for low vision/ blind people to use other than braille.  For school aged children, sensory items are super important. They have boards with textural differences, they have a writing pad to help with recognizing letters both written and in braille. On maps, they have outlines of the states/countries, braille with the names of the states/countries/oceans, and the mountains have a raised texture that is completely different so that you can tell its a mountain range. They also have aids for more complicated things, like the periodic table:

They offer even more items as well. For those with low vision, they have items that are similar to an extreme magnifying glass that will not only make the text or picture of something a lot bigger, but it can enhance the contrast so that it's easier to see. We were able to tour the actual printing portion (but couldn't take any pictures) and saw the machines that actually imprint braille and textures onto paper. It was pretty amazing to see how much work goes into something like that. There are so many extra steps to printing something with texture.

After touring the printing house, we got to visit the museum. It was pretty cool, especially the entrance. When you first walk in, you're faced with copies of ancient texts, which use hieroglyphs as their written means of communication. Of course they have Egyptian glyphs, but they also had ancient Mayan glyphs. And I love learning/hearing/ seeing anything about the ancient Mayans.

They had a lot of displays showing the machines that were and are used for printing braille.

They also had a really cool display shoeing the largest collection of braille material produced. These are encyclopedias. All of them are printed in braille. And I thought regular encyclopedias were oh man these books were gigantic!

It was nice to learn some new things, and although I wear glasses, I am definitely appreciative of the sight I do have!

Nerdy love to ya!

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Evon is a lifestyle blogger based in Texas. She has a passion for nerd culture, food and movies. To find out more about Evon, and this blog, take a look at the About Me page!

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Ringling Bros. & Barnum Bailey Circus

Recently my family and I went to the Circus. I don't know how many years its been since the last time i went to a circus (same for my husband). This was the first time our kiddo had ever been, so this was such a special memory we all have. I felt like such a kid again! Although I do not like clowns, the ones there didn't bother me a whole lot. They honestly didn't look that scary, they almost reminded me of rodeo clowns with the way they were dressed. Of course they had clown makeup on which is creepy enough, but thankfully we were not up close and personal with any of them. Before it all began, we were able to go down on the floor and see some of the performers up close. Due to crappy traffic, we were a bit late, but we were at least able to see some of the jugglers and acrobats!

clowns setting up something

When the show began, there was a bit of a procession with all of the performers. They went all the way around the inside floor singing and waving to everyone. It was so bright and colorful, we all loved it!

This was so much fun

Then they introduced the ring master. This guy had more glitter and rhinestones on his outfit than any burlesque dancer I have ever seen! I couldn't get any good pictures of how sparkly it was since I only brought my phone. But man oh man, trust me when I say that it was bedazzled to high hell!

I forgot to say, that before the show started, the crew members wheeled in these strange balls and hooked them into straps that pulled them in the air. We were all trying to guess what exactly was in them. There were 6 of them total. Surprise surprise when they introduced the show and the covers came off, there were people in them!!! 

After the intro, they rolled out this big globe and I knew what was up. I remember faintly seeing this wheel with motorcycles in it when I was a kid. I was pumped! So they started off with 4 motorcycles in. It was loud, and they went fast, but it was pretty cool. 

Then they stopped, and the ring master said that they wanted to add another. You heard a collective "ooh" from the whole crowd, then another motorcycle hopped in. They all went around a bit, and then they stopped again. This time the ring master said that they wanted to add two more. This bringing the total to 7. Again, everyone in the crowd "ooh, aah" and in the two went. They rolled around a bit, and then they stopped. The ring master said they wanted to add in one last person. The last rider was a woman, which was totally badass. So she went in, and they started going round and round. It was really cool, but really nerve wrecking at the same time. I kept saying to myself "please don't run into each other!" I would hate for my kids first time at the circus to end with a bad motorcycle collision. They kept on going round and round, and then the lights went out and they turned on the black light. It was so freaking cool looking!!
again, apologies for the crappy photos

There were  'jugglers' there too. Well I don't really know if a juggler is the right title. I took a video of them, Someone tell me what exactly I should call these ladies!

 This group of men were pretty cool! They have some serious skill too! Please forgive my annoying commentary...I have come to the realization that I am SEVERELY annoying.

There was a mini parade of farm animals and tiny dogs too. Totally random and unexpected, but really cute! They somehow had two Kangaroos there too. Now that was really bizarre!

Then there was fire, and acrobats were around and about! These were cool, but I don't think anything was cooler than the people on the motorcycle on the high wire!!!

I look ridiculous, but I had such a fun time!

Probably my least favorite act was the lion tamer. First of all, this guy looked like a young David Hasselhoff. I'm so freaking serious about that. But anyway the reason I didn't really like this act, was because you could tell that the animals were totally done with him, this circus shit, and humans in general. I think I would die being in a cage with one of these animals, let alone the 6 or 8 (i forget how many were all in there) of them.

There were a few times that I thought dude was going to get eaten. I'm serious! One of the lions kept creeping closer and closer to him, and hissing and growling. At one point she went within 5 feet of him and he jumped back like lightning. He kind of shook it off when he realized that he was grasping on to the cage side for his life. For the most part the animals did their tricks and there didn't seem to be a whole lot of conflict. And there were cute moments like this:

But then you had the king of the jungle doing a dog and pony show, ultimately ending the show with him sitting atop a massive disco ball as it rose like 5 feet in the air. He couldn't even. I bet he wanted to eat every last human at that circus.

Now before anyone decides to give me shit about going to the circus and "supporting the mistreatment of animals" It was the circus. It was a completely new and exciting experience for my kid and I know that he will remember it and cherish it. Like I said, the lion tamer was my least favorite thing, but the rest of the experience was so much fun and exciting. 

For some reason I wasn't able to upload photos of the people on the trapeze. That makes me sad considering that is my absolute favorite part of the circus. But they were amazing! The Circus ended with a closing procession, again with all of the performers walking by and waving to all of us in the audience. It was definitely as much fun as I remember when I was a kid. I'm so glad that we were all able to go!

Nerdy love to ya!

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Evon is a lifestyle blogger based in Texas. She has a passion for nerd culture, food and movies. To find out more about Evon, and this blog, take a look at the About Me page!