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Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Makeup: Its All in the Eyes

Eyes are the gateway to the soul, why not give people a sexy and dramatic eye to gaze into, right? I love dramatic eyes, and my favorite eye makeup is the cat eye. Seriously, take a look at these eyes and tell me that they aren't sexy:

Photo used as reference from:

Photo used as reference from:

Photo used as reference from:

Photo used as a reference from:

For some people, this classic makeup style can seem intimidating, but here are two easy to follow photo instructions for you! The first photo instruction can be found at The second set of instructions can be found at styleindeed.comBeneath these instructions, I've also included one YouTube video of an easy to follow, step by step tutorial to achieve this classic, sexy eye!

Here are a few examples of my own cat eye makeup! All of these looks are for everyday daytime looks, so they aren't too dramatic, but they can easily be transformed into a more dramatic look!

evon von cateye makeupevon von cateye makeu

evon von cateye makeupevon von cateye makeup

evon von cateye makeupevon von cateye makeup


Thursday, August 28, 2014

Batman is Fashion

Its been a little bit since I posted in my latest recurring segment, but I'm back with a brand new article!

Geek Chic

I've told you guys how much I love Batman, right? Out of DC characters, he is one of my favorite characters, second only to Wonder Woman. I could go on about the reasons I love Batman, but that's a post for another day. Back to the task at hand! I am a HUGE Batman fan and I had way too much fun putting these two (yes, two!) outfits together. I didn't want to go literal, but I did throw in more than one option, one obviously using the batman logo, and the other without. I hope you enjoy!

Outfit one:
Top: here

Outfit two:

I hope you guys enjoyed this post! Keep checking back on a weekly basis for more post just like this, featuring cool geek chic fashion!


Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Countdown is On for the Lonestar Mensa Regional Gathering

Its official you guys! I am officially counting down the days until the 2014 Lone star Mensa Regional Gathering! Today is Wednesday. That means that the event will kick off in two days!!! I am so excited to have the opportunity to share my obsession with other people. Cosplay really has turned into an obsession for me and I'm alright with that! If you follow me on social media, you know that I am ALWAYS working on something cosplay related. I've shared my ever expanding cosplay list with you guys before But I wanted to share the newest project I've added.

This is Super Sonico in one of her nurse uniform variations. I think a lot of us can appreciate sexy. And Super Sonico is absolutely sexy. She is a fictional character created by Nitroplus, a computer and video game company in Japan. She has a variety of costumes, but she always wears her signature headphones. She has several nurse uniform variations and I wasn't sure which one to choose from. I love the black, but she also has a white one that is identical to the one above. After taking a poll both on Twitter and Instagram, the popular consensus was her black uniform. Super Sonico has a series of figurines, and after i complete her costume, I will be purchasing this same figurine. Sort of a stamp of success. Due to my over-excitement, I have bumped Super Sonico to the top of my cosplay list!

But back to the Lone star Mensa Gathering...As mentioned in previous posts, I will be revealing a brand new costume! My Zatanna costume is complete and I promised you guys a little hint. So here ya go!

 My costume is finished, my presentation is finished, and my additional items are all ready to go for this weekend. I am extremely excited to meet everyone who will be attending! If you are going to be there, don't hesitate to find me! Come up, say hello and take a photo!


Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Now Taking Requests for Youtube

Hi guys! I hope that everyone is having an awesome day. How many times a day do you visit YouTube? Sometimes I feel like I live there, lol. Its really addicting especially when you are on a roll. In all the time that I have browsed and searched through videos on YouTube, I hadn't really considered actually making any videos up until a few months ago! I toyed with the idea, but didn't really get beyond that. Well that will all change within the next two weeks. I am planning on recording my very first YouTube video, yay!!! I might be way too excited about this. Maybe also a bit nervous, but more excited than anything. Anyone who follows me on social media, ie. twitter and instagram (you follow me there, right?) has seen my post several days ago basically saying the same thing. In my intro/FAQ video, I'll be telling you guys a little about me, as well as my website (and my online shop). I am taking requests as well as questions for this video. Anyone who has a question for me, about anything, comment with your question, or feel free to email me directly with your questions. So far I have received several different (and random) questions from some people. I love it! Seriously, don't hesitate to ask me anything you wanna know!

This weekend I will be a guest at the Lonestar Mensa Regional Gathering, and I do plan on making a little quick video of my time there, but that will be posted after my intro video. I will get together all of the questions and start recording this week and I will have it recorded, edited and ready to go within the next week and a half.

I also plan on using my YouTube channel in conjunction with this blog. That means that once I get going, I will be posting 'tutorials' (I put that loosely, because I don't know if I'm quite professional enough to give such things, lol) or my method of crafting, sewing, fabrication etc. I will also be posting cosplay updates and using YouTube for upcoming Giveaways as well. So Anyways, any questions y'all have for me, ask away!


Saturday, August 23, 2014


A few special pieces are in the works for the Lonestar Mensa regional gathering. These are pieces I am putting together for demonstration purposes.

First is hand armor. This armor will (eventually) be part of a large armored cosplay of Faora Ul (DC villain, commander under General Zod).

I've taken my time with this armor, but eventually I'll get every piece together. It's fairly time consuming and ice had other, more important things going on so these have been pushed to the back. But nevertheless here is progress!

I have also been working on a pair of scythes ! These scythes are based on the design of Diablo 3's Reaper of Souls. They aren't completed yet, but are pretty close!

Fabrication isn't my strong point, but I'm learning different techniques and enjoying trying them out! 

These two items well be with me when I give my presentation next Saturday! I'll also have other items with me, but you'll either have to cone to the Regional Gathering, or wait for my after posts!

Keep an eye out for sneak peeks at my Zatanna cosplay!