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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Countdown to Geekfest!

Every day that passes I get even more excited. Why? Because Geekfest is almost here!

This year, for Geekfest I will be running my very own booth! This year I streamlined my blog and photography and created and online shop. Everything is under the same name, Evon Von. My online shop consists of handmade goods. I don't want to give away all of my tricks, but there are a lot of sewn items, wall art, and knick knack items. I have been seriously busting my butt to get a lot of stock made and I am overall happy with the variety of items I've got going. At this point, I am just working as hard as I can to produce as much as I can until Geekfest is officially here. So my countdown is starting RIGHT NOW! Less than one month left and I will be open for business!

More updates on my progress will come throughout the weeks. Along with my cosplay lineup for Geekfest. So stay tuned to find out what will be in store!

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Gotham City Imposters

This month's Games with Gold on XBOX 360 is Gotham City Impostors!

Image from:
I've played this game some time ago but I didn't get too far into it before stopping for some reason. So when I saw that it was on Games with Gold on XBOX 360 it had to be downloaded STAT! I love this game. Partially because I love anything that has anything to do with Batman, even if they aren't really him. Gotham City Impostors is a first person shooter, which I love also. The premise of the game is simple. There are two factions. The Bats, and the Jokerz. You have the Bats who are Batman impostors, and then you have the Jokerz who, you guessed it, are Joker impostors.

Image from:
There's a lot of downloadable content, my favorites are the costumes. As if their original costumes weren't crazy enough you can download all sorts of hilarious costumes! Check some of them out:

Pirate costume of The Bats. Image from:
Business costume of The Jokerz. Image
Going head to head either against CPU or other players is so much fun! My 5 year old loves playing this game (but then again, he also loves anything that has anything to do with Batman too). If you haven't downloaded this game, get it while it's still free!!

Image from:

Friday, July 18, 2014

Firestar Cosplay

For those of you who do not know, I accept commissions for cosplay. I was recently commissioned to do a cosplay of Firestar. She is a Marvel Character but not too many people know who she is. But she was a regular part of the Spiderman animated series "Spiderman and his Amazing Friends"

I had so much fun making this costume and learning about Firestar in the process! So let me share my cosplay with you guys finally!!! I hope you guys enjoy!

Probably my favorite shot

Superhero posing?


Standing around

Trying to look sexy

Trying to look seductive lol!
Construction Notes: The gloves and boot covers were both made with a lighter weight 4 way stretch Lycra material. They had a lot of stretch to them and were easy to make (except for the thumb holes....stoopid thumb holes). The bodysuit was also made with a 4 way stretch Lycra, but was a heavier weight. The heavier weight did stretch, but not as much as the orange or red Lycra. The mask was made by using craft foam, and the wig was purchased from amazon.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post. I have many more cosplays that I will be starting soon, and for those that are not commissioned, I will show you my entire process from start to finish. I will also start including videos with my blog very soon, so you guys can hear just how country I sound lol! Hope you guys have a great weekend!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Capital City Comicon: A Review

Saturday, July 12th, my son and I had the opportunity to go to Capital City Comic-Con in Austin Texas. I found out about this convention extremely last minute, but I was so excited to be able to go and share this experience with my son. He loves going to conventions. His favorite thing about conventions is seeing all the cool costumes! Because my son is such a huge Batman fan, he already decided that he wanted to go dressed as him. Because I had some leftover fabric from another cosplay, I chose to cosplay as Cheetara, from Thunder Cats.

We arrived at the con almost an hour after the doors opened. It was nice because it wasn't that crowded yet. There we plenty of space to casually walk around and look at all of the booths that were set up. We started with illustrators and saw some extremely talented people! There were lots of artists there, and there was so much diverse artwork, it was great! So many unique and creative people were there, I was so impressed! Later, we visited booths of vendors that were selling manufactured items. I have a love hate relationship with these booths! I love the figurines and items they have, but I hate that I want to take everything home with me, lol

There were guest cosplayers there as well, one of which I have been following via Instagram. They were all so nice! It was refreshing to talk to cosplay guests who were down to earth and easy to talk with, genuine and sweet! The isle of small business/homemade goods was odd tell interest to me. Since I will have my own booth at geekfest next month, it was nice to get an idea of how much each person had displayed and their different take display layouts. I was NOT straddling ideas, I've got a solid base of my own unique items. But it was nice to see the diversity of each booth.

The peak of the day for me (and my son) was getting to see the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. We saw a crowd standing around and once we saw the TMNT standing there, we basically ran over. Both my son and I were able to get pictures with them! We also got to see and take a few pictures of the turtle van. Oh, and another hit for my son was the power ranger table. The green ranger want there, but there was a pink ranger, yellow, red and blue! They were all from different seasons, but my son didn't care. He has been watching a lot of power rangers on Netflix this summer.

We also got to do the "Guardians of the Galaxy Experience", which I thought was so cool! They basically take you're picture, and stick you in the lineup from Guardians of the Galaxy.

Although we only visited this Con for one day, we had an absolute blast. I can't wait to see how much it grows next year. I will definitely be going to Capital City Comic-Con next year!

Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Capital City Comic Con

I'm pretty stoked about going to Capital City Comic Con this weekend! I originally hadn't planned on going, but decided last minute to go. My son and I will be there on Saturday. We are only going one day since we live about an hour from Austin. Saturday is usually the best day (in my opinion) for a Con anyway. Of course we will be cosplaying, my son is wearing his Batman costume and I will be going as Cheetarah!

Every time my son and I go to a convention, we try to get as many pictures with other cosplayers as possible. But of course there are always WAY more pictures of him than of me. But I'm planning on getting more pictures of me, especially in costume! 

Anyone else that's going to CCCC, I hope to run into you (and lets snag a picture!!)

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Thor for Thursday


For this weeks Geek Chic post, I thought it would be appropriate to feature Thor inspired fashion on Thursday. Lets just call it THORsday! I chose to go with the classic Thor costume because I love the different colors that are involved. But lets face it, if I tried to go with Chris Hemsworth's Thor, I'd be way too distracted by how hot he is. So, lets see what we've got to work with!

Photo c/o Thor Wikipidia
Okay, now that we've taken a good look at this original Thor design, lets take a look at my not so obvious Thor inspired outfit:

1) Top can be found at: Chiara Fashion
2) Leggings can be found at: Downtown Off Price
3) Bracelet can be found at: Because I am Fabulous
4) Necklace can be found at: Bellast
5) Belt can be found at: ASOS
6) Heels can be found at: Amazon

I hope you guys are enjoying this new series here at Evon Von. Feel free to send over any suggestions or characters you'd like to be see added to this series!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Cosplay Update

Hey guys! I have been working on so many side projects, I havent really updated you on my personal cosplay progress. So I thought I would take a few minutes and let you guys know whats going on with me!

Right now I am being commissioned to do several secret squirrel cosplays. These cosplays wont be revealed until they are finished. Although I havent updated very much on here, I have been dropping hints here and there on my Twitter account. If you have Twitter, you should follow me to keep up with my hint dropping about my secret commissions! Evon Von on Twitter

In addition to my secret commissions, I have also been working on several costumes for my upcoming "con season" if you will. Ive got three conventions coming up back to back (August, September, & October) and then another one in December. On top of that, in August I will be running a booth. So I've been working on handmade things non stop! So other than my commissions, Below you will find photos of the cosplays I am currently working on. I have not decided yet which to wear to what Con, but that will be sorted out soon enough!

1) Faora (Man of Steel)
image c/o Superman Wikia

2) Garnet (Steven Universe)
Image c/o Steven Universe Wikia

3) Saeko Busujima (High School of the Dead)
Image c/o High School of the Dead wikia

4) Rainbow Dash (My little Pony Equestria Girls)
Image c/o Equestria Girls Wikia

5) My Witch doctor (Diablo 3)

I've got a looooot to work on and I am working on full on panic mode, although I still have some time!

Friday, June 20, 2014

Wonder Woman for Every Woman

Today I'm rolling out a brand new series that will be featured on the blog!

Geek Chic

Geek Chic is all about being inspired by "geeky" or "nerdy" things and translating that into real world, wearable styles. I will be featuring outfits that I have put together online as well as my own personal interpretations of geeky/nerdy style with my own wardrobe.

To kick off this new series, I'm starting with one of my favorite superheroes: Wonder Woman. I think her strength is beyond inspiring. Especially for young girls. Below is her in the classic Wonder Woman costume.

photo from

Now to deconstruct this and put a realistic spin on it! I didn't want to go with a literal rip of Wonder Woman's costume, but this is a clever outfit that incorporates features of her costume without being so cheeky. Lets check it out!

Top found at: Zandage
Skirt found at: Resurrection Online
Necklace found at: Storenvy
Bracelet found at: Etsy
Shoes found at:
Purse found at: Amazon

With the 4th of July right around the corner, this can also make a very cute patriotic party outfit as well!

Friday, June 06, 2014

Borderlands The Pre-Sequel

"Hit me with that wub wub!"

Guess what game is back with a new installment!? Duh Borderlines, it says so in the post title....I am having a dense day, cut me some slack, alright?

YES! Borderlands is back with its pre-sequel and it looks insane! Between the new vehicles, creatures and it being another Borderlands game Im really excited for this!

And let us not forget about the epic moon dance break in this video, lmao. Check out the video by IGN here:

Borderlands the Pre-Sequel will be released October 14th of this year. Who else is excited???

Thursday, June 05, 2014

Mortal Kombat X

Mortal Kombat is just one of those games that I cannot get enough of. I remember when the very first game came out. My brother and I spent hours, DAYS even trying to beat the game.  On my Xbox 360 (Gamertag EVONVON) I've got the classic arcade collection and I play all three of the original games often. They bring back hilarious memories! On Twitter, I started hearing about Mortal Kombat X so I decided to check it out. If you haven't seen the official trailer for the new game, check it out here:

To say that I was fangirling hard over this game trailer would be a severe understatement...Like everyone else, my favorite two original characters are Scorpion and Subzero so I was basically squealing through this entire thing. Not to mention the music was absolutely on point. You can't go wrong with Wiz Khalifa anyway. Who else is excited for this game to come out next year???