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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Dead Snow 2: Red vs. Dead

Lets talk about Dead Snow 2. This nugget of awesomeness was on Netflix and yesterday my husband and I watched it. First let me say, that I love zombie movies. Since a lot of other people love them to, there are a lot of zombie movies. That means a lot of BAAAAAAD zombie movies, he he. I probably should have watched the first Dead Snow, but it is what it is. The main character gave a pretty good recap on what happened in the first one, so I didn't feel like i was missing any info. But the movie basically jumped right into the story and action.

Martin was the lone survivor of a horde of zombie Nazis. They attacked everyone that was staying with him in a cabin. Martin was bitten on the arm by a zombie but before he turned, he chainsawed his own arm off. He made it to his car and almost got away from the zombies but he realized he had one last piece of their gold (apparently they were after it in the first movie). They bum rushed his car, holding onto the sides and trying to get in. The last piece of gold was tossed out of the window and the leader Herzog had his arm ripped off which landed in the passenger seat, although Martin didn't realize it. He passed out in the car and woke up in the hospital, handcuffed and with the zombie arm attached.

This starts the movie off on a humorous, gory killing streak of the zombie arm is unbelievably strong. Car ornaments lodged into heads, which turns into impalement, endocrine systems being ripped out (okay that one didn't happen, but hearts, intestines and brains did get ripped out throughout the movie). This movie is set in Norway, so the sense of humor is a bit different than the American sense of humor. Martin comes in contact with what he thinks is a big zombie hunting group, called the Zombie Squad. The zombie squad turns out to be three people.

The group finds Martin and they go on an epic quest to destroy the zombie Nazi army. How do you do a thing like this?? By bringing your own World War 2 Russian Zombies back to life so that they can fight along with you, of course!

In the end, Martin and his Zombie Squad are victorious and they defeat the Nazi Zombies (the Russian Zombies basically get killed in the final battle). This was such an entertaining movie. I didn't have high hopes when we started watching, but it definitely surprised me! This movie was fun, cheeky, violent (i mean, its a zombie movie), and gory (again...ZOMBIE MOVIE!). I really loved it! Now I think I need to watch the first one, just because!


Saturday, March 14, 2015

The Hot Con

In my previous blog post, I told you guys that I would be cosplaying Faora. I also told you guys that I wanted to have this costume finished by the Time the Heart of Texas Comic Con rolled around! The Heart of Texas Comic Con (or The Hot Con as we love to call it) is being held in Waco. I believe this is their third go around, and it seems to have blossomed into something really awesome! This is my first time attending the Hot Con and I am really stoked to go! It is the weekend of the 20-22 which is in one week!! Hopefully I'll be able to go to the next con they have as well. Although its mid March, this is my first Con of the year. I'm glad It will be in Waco, as I have not really spent any time there before.

 As I said i have the arms almost done, I'm just missing an elbow. Ive got one shoulder done, but the other one I need to redo. Currently I'm working on the worst part....the chest piece/breastplate. This thing is such a pain!!!! Granted this is my first breastplate but still, its a pain to figure out. Eventually I would love to get wonderflex or worbla, but that is sooo expensive! So everything I'm doing is with EVA foam (the fingers are 2 (maybe 3) mm, but the arms are 5 mm for the base, and 2 mm for overlays.

template for hand armor (had to redo the hand though)

after 4 coats of glue to seal, I finally painted them

heavy weathering time

left bracer shaped and sealing

left hand and arm armor!

left & right armor so far (although the left is on the right, and the right is on the left here)

trying to figure out placement before adding straps

Straps added to the bicep. Now figuring out placement of the thigh thingeroos.
partial side view of the bicep.

Okay so that's my progress so far. I am currently taking a break from working on the breast plate, because its a little difficult! Making a breastplate and an upper body armoured piece is hard as hell with craft foam and this is my first time trying something like this. The collar had a lot to do with my problems with it. To be honest, I tried to make one and totally messed it up. So I am trying a second time and I think I learned a lot from my screw up. So this one will be much better, as I am figuring a lot of things out with this. Oh and I need to get more straps and buckles for it because I'm trying to figure out how I will get it on and off, he he!

My kiddo is on spring break this coming week so I wont have all day to work on it, but I think a few hours a day and I should be done with the breast plate. I made mock ups of the shoulder pads and they will be less difficult. I may start working on the knees and the shin guards when I need a break from the breastplate. But i am very hopeful that I will have this baby done for The Hot Con. I will post again within the week with an update on my progress! Wish me luck in finishing this in time!!!


Thursday, March 12, 2015

Faora Ul

It's no secret, I love Man of Steel  (mainly for Michael Shannon As General Zod, but that's a whole different story). In Man of Steel, we are introduced to Commander Faora Ul. She is one badass woman! This Kryptonian warrior fights for General Zod and battles against Kal-El (Superman). Being from the same planet as Kal El, she also has the same abilities as he does (x-ray vision, heat vision, super strength, etc.).

I love her character. Truly, I love to see a strong female character in a movie. Not some frail, helpless woman. Faora is anything but helpless. She doesnt hesitate to fight, or do whatever needs to be done to ensure the plans of General Zod are met.

I've watched Man of Steel more times than I should mention, but every time I watch it, I become slightly more obsessed with her armor than the last time. I finally decided, you know what, I'm going to cosplay her! So after doing a TON (I mean a ton, holy crap) of research, reference photos, and sketches, Ive started working on her! IVe gotten both arms almost done, and one shoulder. It may not sound like much, but these alone have had some time put in. I was originally not planning on wearing this anytime soon, but now I am really considering wearing it for The Heart of Texas Comic Con in a week or so. If i can get it done in time that is!


Monday, February 16, 2015

Eye of the Tiger

Okay before anyone says anything, I know how corny and lame the title of this post is!! The last post I made, Inactive Activity, was a bit of venting. I was extremely frustrated and really needed to get my blah feelings out there. After writing it, and thinking about things, I am working on changing my attitude. Yes, I feel like I'm never an active participant, and that I'm  a;ways in the background and forgettable. And while i do still feel like that, I am working on fixing that. Taking it as the fact that yes, I am underestimated, but that can be a good thing! No one expects me, so I can slide on by and take them by surprise. I am thinking more of that approach with two things: Roller Derby and my Etsy  shop.

For roller derby, I haven't been able to make it to any practices in the past month. Noted. But I have still been working on things at my house. I have been wearing my skates just about all of the time and skating around while I'm doing chores and cooking. I really need to find a pair of outdoor wheels so that I can skate outside. Its been so nice out the past few days (with the exception of today, which is apparently starting winter all over again), being outside has felt amazing! Outdoor skating would really help me with my stability (which I've said is basically non existent, lol) until I'm able to get back on the track again.

With my Etsy shop, I have been doing moderate marketing between here at my blog and on social media. While i plan on continuing with marketing about the same, I am starting to work furiously to push out more items. And a bigger variety of products. I have a lot of clay items that I have worked on here and there, and some of them I have listed here, but I need to list the remaining. I also only have a little bit of clay left, so I will be using all of that up so I can move on to the next item. I also have some resin pieces that I have casted here and there that are sanded and ready to be painted, but I haven't gotten to them. After the clay, I plan on spending just a little bit of time finishing up these pieces so I can list them all. I also will be working on more sewing and screen printed items. After preparing for last years Geekfest and then not being able to participate (darn broken leg!), I realized that I did NOT have nearly enough inventory for the 3 day convention. I would like to fill an entire jumbo plastic bin with merchandise.

I am trying to "Think Like a Winner", as corny as that sounds. Giving myself daily affirmations of being successful. I WILL DO THIS!!

Yes, that is a Freddy Mercury meme. I love Freddy Mercury, in case you were curious!


Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Inactive Activity

I know the title may seem a bit odd, how can you have inactive activity? Let me explain what I mean. We all live our lives, have a routine and mostly go through the motions, right? You go through your day basically on auto pilot.  Get up, grab breakfast (or dont), head to work for 8 or 9 hours,  come home, eat dinner, relax and then go to bed. It's so routine and mundane. You aren't 'living' your life. You're just shuffling through.

I've felt like this my entire life. Even when I've tried to participate in something, I find myself not being that active. It's like I'm always on the outside looking in. Always the Spectator, Never the Participant. That's how my life has always been, that's how it is now, and I'm afraid that that's how it will always be. I know people say, "well get out of your comfort zone and do something about it!"

Well I have/am. I started roller derby because it's something I've wanted to do for a very long time. I really love skating and everything I have learned so far. I will continue with it, but I find myself frustrated a lot. I didn't break my leg just to give up, fuck that. But like I said, I  get frustrated with myself a lot. I try not to compare myself to other people, but it's hard when you see people that started out after you doing better than you are. On top of the fact that I haven't been able to go to practice in almost a month, I feel out of practice, like I am falling behind and will have to start all over. Again. i have missed a bunch of practices so I am also out of the loop on a lot of things. I actually feel left out. today my team had an interleague scrimmage. I didn't go. I couldn't go to be honest, and if I were able to go I think I would have been a total Deb. Annoyed with the fact that I couldn't be out there, and that I'm not doing anything.

I'm tired of drifting by. I want to be an active participant in my life, but how the hell do I do this? I've always felt like I'm on the outside. Like I'm miniscule, and don't matter. I'm not popular, I never have been. Maybe it's all in my head but I find that I'm very forgettable. I'm not social, at all. But when I try to be, I'm often talked over and ignored. So I shut myself up, and revert to just listening and watching. I'm really tired of it. How do you fix things like that??

I'm rambling at this point to where I don't even remember where I'm going with this. I guwas I'm just venting.