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Monday, March 21, 2016

Surprise Characters We Could See In Captain America: Civil War

This week's Movie Monday Post comes in as a guest post.  This guest post was submitted by Allison James.

Surprise Characters we could see in Captain America: Civil War | Evon Von Blog

By now we have a pretty good idea of what Captain America: Civil War will look like. The government is going to introduce policies meant to regulate and control the actions of the superhero community, which will cause a rift between the top Avengers. Wary of government intervention because of his history with S.H.I.E.L.D. and HYDRA, Captain America will lead the Avengers who wish to remain independent. Concerned over his own actions (spawning Ultron) under his own authority, Iron Man will lead those who wish to embrace regulation.

It's a pretty interesting plot and a nice direction for Marvel to take the Avengers in. But because this looks more like an ensemble movie than a Captain America sequel, a lot of the focus has been on the number of characters involved. We know now how they'll be split up on their respective "teams." But do we really know all of the characters that are going to appear in this film?

The answer to that is probably yes—at least in terms of major roles. But Marvel loves its easter eggs and surprise appearances, which means we definitely shouldn't rule out a few unexpected cameos or new character introductions. And the following heroes and villains could conceivably be among the surprises.

The Hulk

The Hulk is probably the most popular rumour out there as far as surprise appearances go. Mark Ruffalo has said that his Bruce Banner/Hulk character was originally in the script for Civil War but was later removed (and reportedly given a significant role in 2017's Thor: Ragnarok). However, a recent blurb in Vulture told a different story. Evidently, Anthony Mackie (who plays Falcon and will appear in Civil War) said in a BBC1 interview that fans will get to see a number of actors "do really, really good acting." And among the actors he mentioned was Ruffalo. So for now it does seem as if the Hulk, or at least Bruce Banner, could still drop in on Civil War.

Agent Venom

It's been confirmed that Spider-Man is making a debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in Civil War, with up-and-coming actor Tom Holland cast in the role. Indeed, this has been one of the most exciting aspects of the build-up to this film, and the Internet was recently worked into a frenzy when Spider-Man made his first appearance in the new trailer. Actually it was likely a stunt man who filmed a scene before Holland was even on set, but we nevertheless got a glimpse of the new suit and some Holland voice over action. At any rate, what we don't know yet is whether or not Spider-Man will have his own personal villain to contend with. It would seem unlikely if not for the fact that the Agent Venom character—a sort of soldier version of Spidey's Venom nemesis—has recently surfaced in some Marvel video games. Most notably, he's been introduced in Marvel Heroes, an online MMO game that frequently features characters that are about to appear in new films. It could be a coincidence, or it could be a not-so-subtle hint that Agent Venom will appear in Civil War.


Wolverine is probably more of a stretch than the first two characters mentioned. However, in sticking with the theme of Marvel putting hints in video games, it's worth noting that the character is featured at Gala Casino in a roulette table game. In and of itself that's not remarkable, as Wolverine has long been included in a number of online casino games. But this particular game places him alongside Captain America, Iron Man, Spider-Man, and other Avengers. It's a bit of a glaring crossover. Furthermore, Hugh Jackman has suggested in the past that he'd love to join the Avengers on screen should Marvel decide to work together with 20th Century Fox (which owns the cinematic rights to the X-Men) as it did with Sony to rope in Spider-Man.


Finally, Wasp is another character to be on the lookout for in Civil War. Somehow the fact that Paul Rudd's Ant-Man character will be appearing in Civil War has gone somewhat under the radar. But he will indeed be present, and we already know that his next solo movie will be called Ant-Man And The Wasp, presumably dealing with the introduction of his female counterpart, Wasp. But considering the fact that Civil War will mark the introductions of characters like Black Panther and Spider-Man before they appear in any solo projects, it wouldn't be too surprising to see some early signs of Wasp this spring.

None of these characters have been confirmed for Civil War, and it could be that the film comes and goes without any being included. But never underestimate Marvel's capacity to surprise.

Would you like to submit a guest post to this blog? Feel free to shoot me an email with your idea and or article!

lotsa love to ya!

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Evon is a lifestyle blogger based in Massachusetts. She has a passion for nerd culture, food and movies. To find out more about Evon, and this blog, take a look at the About Me page!

Friday, January 22, 2016

Fun Friday Fav's #19

Fun Friday Favs 19 - Evon Von Blog

We made it through another week y'all! Even though Monday was a holiday, this week still felt like it was going to last forever. I am truly thankful that today is Friday, and I am out of work. Don't get me wrong, I like having my job, but I love spending time with my family more. I'm also glad to be home, because we are set to get a lot of snow tomorrow. I'm sure there will be a snow day blog post in the very near future! This weeks F3 post might be a bit different from the norm. I'm not going to showcase some of the awesome things I've found on the inter webs, it's going to be fairly simple and short.

The first thing on my list for this week's Fun Friday Fav's list is coffee. Mmmmm, coffee. I love coffee and I'm sure many of you do too. How many cups of coffee do you drink a day? I know that caffeine isn't good for the body, but I drink it regardless. On the weekends I find myself drinking at least 2 cups. I'm sure that should be the opposite, but eh, whatevs. 

Coffee - Evon Von Blog

Makeup and skin care are next. I've been victim of being lazy when it comes to both and as part of my goals for this year I am trying to step up my game. I'm doing little by little, nothing too dramatic or drastic right off the bat. Baby steps to perfection. The photo on the left unfortunately shows how oily my skin gets. I'm waiting to receive some products from ELF Cosmetics, and I hope that will help. There will be a whole new post (plus a video) about that when I receive them! The photo on the right came out looking dramatic somehow, when in actuality, I was looking at one of the light bulbs flickering over my bathroom mirror.

Skin Care After Work - Evon Von BlogAfter Work Selfie - Evon Von Blog

You know what goes great with coffee? Bacon. Not vegan bacon, not turkey bacon...regular old salty bacon. I love bacon, and I'm sure that millions of other people out there do too. I made bacon to crumble over potato soup I made for dinner. The house still smells faintly like bacon. Will I have bacon dreams tonight!?

Bacon is my Favorite - Evon Von Blog

We are full swing into winter, and my biggest complaint would be the shortness of each day. When I leave work, the sun is in process of setting, with only light showing on the horizon. It's a beautiful sight, don't get me wrong. But I miss leaving work and there being more daylight. When there is darkness after work, it seems as if the day is gone already. On my drive home, I imagine myself on a quest to chasing the sun. Of course by the time I get home, the sun is completely out of sight and the moon is shining bright in its place. I miss the long days of summer. And the heat, I miss the heat.

Sun Says Goodbye - Evon Von Blog

I am oh so thankful for glasses. I can't see to save my life. Normally upon waking up, I pop my glasses on and go on about my morning routine. One day this week I forgot them. I didn't have my spare pair in my purse either. The entire day I was so disheveled it was truly embarrassing. By the time I left work, nearly everything I looked at was blurry! So now, I keep my spare pair of glasses in my purse, and always put my glasses on as soon as I wake up. Lesson learned!

Functional Fashionable Eyewear - Evon Von Blog

On Sunday, My son and I decided to make some stop motion Lego animations. I'd tried my hand at stop motion animation a long time ago I think in high school. After seeing how excited my son was after we worked on his, I decided to create one of my own. It didn't take much time, but it was tedious work. But all in all it was very enjoyable, and I plan on making more! The one below took me maybe 5-10 minutes to create. Spiderman and Venom at the Pool:

Stop Motion Animation - Evon Von Blog

Now that I'm back to active blogging, there will be more articles coming, about lots of different topics. If there is a topic you'd like me to discuss (or something you'd like me to try out) drop me a comment, or send me an email! I'd love to hear your ideas!

lotsa love to ya!

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Evon is a lifestyle blogger based in Massachusetts. She has a passion for nerd culture, food and movies. To find out more about Evon, and this blog, take a look at the About Me page!

Thursday, January 21, 2016

The Riding Boot Trend

The Riding Boot Trend - Evon Von Blog

Let me just say that I love boots. They are a perfect choice for adding flair to jeans, leggings even skirts and dresses. Fall and winter was made for boots of all variety. I own several pairs of knee high boots, ankle boots and cowboy boots. I love the look of riding boots, but they leave me feeling annoyed. Why you ask? Because they are everywhere. Shortly after moving to Massachusetts, my family and I took a short trip to Boston. It was obvious that flat riding boots were in style for fall 2015. Although there weren't too many women wearing them, there were enough to notice how solid the trend was. I made a mental note and continued with my day.  Fast forward to right now, January 2016. Between women at the supermarket and women at work, I believe the riding boot trend has reached DEF CON 5.
Winter Footwear Trend - Evon Von Blog

Regardless of where you go, you can bet there will be at least 5 women wearing riding boots. I work for a large company in a large building, there are a ton of people I pass everyday. Out of the many people I pass, the majority of them are women. Now out of those women, 30-40% of them are wearing some sort of boot (most of which are flat riding boots). This is too much. If I had a dollar for every person I saw wearing riding boots, I'd have enough money to go on a mini shopping spree! Boots are everywhere! Amid my annoyance with this overdone trend, I still secretly want to get a pair of riding boots for myself. I know, I know how can I be so annoyed with something yet still want it?! Well, like i said, I love boots. And even though the riding boots trend has most certainly reached critical mass, it's still very cute with the right outfit.

Footwear Trend Critical Mass - Evon Von Blog

lotsa love to ya!

* images use for this article are not my own, they were sourced from  and

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Evon is a lifestyle blogger based in Massachusetts. She has a passion for nerd culture, food and movies. To find out more about Evon, and this blog, take a look at the About Me page!

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

An Indecisive Guide to Hair Decisions

Indecisive Guide to Hair Decisions - Evon Von Blog

If you're feeling confused by this title, you now know how I feel when it comes to my hair. As women decisions that have to do with our hair are major, and they can make or break our confidence. Have you ever gotten a really bad haircut, or attempted a hair color that went horribly wrong? I can't be the only one having such mishaps!

 Personally, I always have a hard time with my hair. I can never seem to find a routine that I can stick with, or I can't find a style that I like. A lot of the time, I find a hairstyle that I really think is cute, but then doubt sets in. I ask myself if I will look right with that. Then my overly self consciousness kicks into overdrive and I start judging every inch of myself which leads to a hot mess. Beyond that I always get the urge to change things up. Stability with styling has never been my forte. I always feel the need for change and that becomes exhausting. I used to be very 'fly by the seat of my pants' when it comes to my hair, but thankfully I have calmed down. That obviously doesn't stop my desire for change, but my indecisiveness has helped me to be more cautious whether I like it or not. Whenever I get a random idea to change my hair I ask myself a few questions:

  1. Do you like it? I mean, do you genuinely like the style? Is it something you really want or just a passing fancy. Will you regret it after a week or two? Will you be bored again with it?
  2. How much maintenance is involved? This also depends on what kind of gal you are. If you're a high maintenance woman who spends a decent amount of time getting ready in the mornings, you're probably better equipped to handle a hairstyle that requires more work. Then there are those of us who want something easy and fast....
  3. What are the risks? This is mainly due to chemicals. Any time you put chemicals on a part of your body, there are risks. With hair products there are a lot of risks from those you can see to those you cannot. Over processing your hair can lead to weak and brittle hair, or it can make you lose your hair. 
  4. Is it easy to transition out of. I hope that doesn't sound silly, it's an honest statement! If you decide to color your hair jet black, then decide after a month that you want to change to platinum, that is a crazy, drastic and challenging change to make. Not to mention how potentially damaging that could be to your hair.

I have a bad feeling towards chemicals. Especially relaxers and texturizers. My past experiences with them have not been good. My hair has been burned off, and I've had the hair on my hairline completely fall out. That is the reason I do not let other people do my hair. The aspect of permanence also freaks me out (for this, I'm referring mostly to relaxers). I see several short cute hairstyles and I like them, but if I were to relax my hair, that cannot be undone. That requires commitment to relaxers unless I choose to cut the relaxer out and start my natural hair journey all over again. Have I mentioned that I've done this 3 times already? I don't want to start again! The next time you think about changing your hair, really give it a long thought before jumping right into it. You may save yourself some frustration, anger and hair!

lotsa love to ya!

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Evon is a lifestyle blogger based in Massachusetts. She has a passion for nerd culture, food and movies. To find out more about Evon, and this blog, take a look at the About Me page!

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Gerardos European Bakery

I love bakeries. There's just something so intoxicating and exciting about the smell of dough and sugar that fills the air when you step inside a good bakery. Upon our move to the northeastern part of the country, one thing I knew we would find in abundance were bakeries. And boy oh boy have we seen a plethora of bakeries all over town. But I'm not so much worried about how many as I am worried about what they have. Over the holiday season, my husband found an amazing bakery that isn't too far from where we live, and they have amazing treats! Gerardo's European Bakery, in Westborough Massachusetts is fantastic.When I think of that North Eastern bakery, this is the kind of place that immediately comes to mind. It's a nice, clean family owned bakery and they really out do themselves not only with variety, but quality as well. They were so kind to my husband and we have since gotten treats from them several more times. Although their sweet treats are to DIE for, next on the list, we shall try some savory treats!

Don't they all look delicious!?

adorable bite sized cookies

Lotsa love to ya!

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Evon is a lifestyle blogger based in Massachusetts. She has a passion for nerd culture, food and movies. To find out more about Evon, and this blog, take a look at the About Me page!