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Monday, October 20, 2014

How to Stay Alive in a Horror Movie

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Its mid October! Is anyone else excited about Halloween!? I sure am and The thing that I love about this time of year (aside from decorating) its the perfect time to binge watch horror movies!

Recently, Man Crates: Gifts For Men reached out to me. Because its getting close to Halloween, they told me about their current campaign, to create a Horror Movie Survival Kit. This is such an awesome idea, and I couldn't wait to start my write-up! Characters in horror movies are always so unprepared, so a survival kit would be great for someone in a horror movie!

If I had a kit to survive a horror movie, there are a few specific things I would like to have:

  • a flashlight with NEW batteries (and extras that are new as well)
  • pepper spray, to be able to get away fast!
  • some kind of weapon (baseball bat, machete, chainsaw)
  • some sort of multi-tool
  • extra cellphone batteries
  • a pair of running shoes, or hiking boots
  • and a first aid kit...for the dumbass that gets hurt doing something stupid

Now having said that, I felt the need to add on to this concept. If you're like me, whenever you watch a horror movie, you spend a lot of time yelling at the TV (like the characters can hear you, Ha!) about the stupid decisions or things that the characters do. And of course, because of their bad choices, they ultimately die. So what would it take to survive a horror movie? Here are some of my own tips/ideas on how to not die in a horror movie!

The Buddy System- Splitting up when there's a killer, or a monster or whatever, is always a bad idea. But never-the-less, someone always has the 'smart' idea to cover more ground if they separate. Or they tell someone to wait in some sketchy location while they go and get help. DO NOT SPLIT UP!

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Don't be the only minority in the movie- haha, I'm kinda serious about this, lol. How many times do we see the only black person in a movie die first? As a black woman, that's really one of the things I notice, and have come to expect in a horror movie. Its sad, but seriously, have a minority battle buddy!

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Always have a new battery in your flashlight- Especially if you are looking for someone say, in the woods, or in an abandoned building. It never fails, the ones that actually do remember to bring some sort of light source, once they get real good and lost, the light goes out.

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Better yet, don't go there in the first place!- Call the damned cops and find a large group of people to wait with. If your friend has wandered into the woods alone, don't go after them. That might sound kind of cruel, but they should know better.

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 If you hear a noise..don't ask "Who's There". The killer isn't going to answer you. Why do people always do this? If you're at home alone and there is some strange noise, don't go investigate. Unless you have an insane pet that likes to knock shit over. If there is a weird sound that you know shouldn't be coming from inside your house, it might be a good idea to leave and go somewhere else. Walmart is open 24 hours, go hang out there for a while!

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 Don't run Upstairs. Seriously. If you go up there, you just trapped yourself.  Unless you have a ladder handy at a window (of course none of these movies do) Then your only option is to hide, and wait for the killer to ultimately find you, or jump out of a window, hurt yourself and the killer still kills you.

and lastly,

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If you're in a small country town, be nice to the locals- You know the scenario, a group of  young adults are on a road trip and stop at a small town to either ask for directions, ask about something that they shouldn't be trying to find out about, or to eat. Something happens and one of the characters acts like an asshole to someone. Those small and close knit towns don't take shit from bratty strangers, and they get their revenge. So don't be an asshole, someone will kill you!

So these are just some of the ideas I came up with, but I could list about a hundred more things not to do, lol. What are some of the things you think would help you to survive a horror movie?


Tuesday, October 14, 2014

NYR Organics

Are you familiar with NYR Organics? They are a certified organic company! They carry skin & body care products, cosmetics, aromatherapy & home fragrances.If not, here's a little background information for ya:

NYR Organic is a 30 year old company from the UK with certified organic products for the entire family. NYR Organic is the social selling channel of Neal's Yard Remedies which started in London, England, 30 years ago. Since day one NYR has had a passion for transforming people's lives and supporting the environment, by encouraging a more natural and holistic way of life. In the US, we bring you our products in person, exclusively through Pampering events and individual appointments.
NYR is proud have been certified by the UK's leading organic authority, the Soil Association, for over 10 years Their certification guarantees that a product contains the highest possible levels of organic ingredients. To keep things completely clear and honest, if it is not independently certified, we don't call it organic. NYR has always been passionate about pioneering purity and safety and is so proud to be one of the firs to be awarded Champion status by The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics!

If you believe there is a healthier, happier, more planet-friendly way to live, then you have come to the right place. I invite you to join me as a customer, a host or a Consultant! Natural Health Magazine award for the Best Natural & Organic Range for the third year running, the UK Beauty Awards Best New Luxury Product for Wild Rose Beauty Elixir, and Silver at the International Green Awards for our Bee Lovely campaign... just to name a few!

Personally I've tried the Rehydrating Rose Facial Polish and I loved it. Not only did it provide light exfoliation, but it didn't dry out my skin. After using it, my skin felt not only smooth, but it felt supple. It felt hydrated and healthy. I truly love it. And my skin is normally awful. I would definitely encourage you to give it a try. Really, try them out!! NYR Organics


Thursday, October 02, 2014

Tofu Spring Roll Recipe

Anyone who has followed this blog, knows how much I love tofu. I really love it. Not only is it a good source of protein, but the possibilities when working with tofu are seriously endless! This version of my tofu is different from my first tofu recipe (that one is crunchy!). Check Here to visit my first tofu recipe. It's just as yummy as this one! SPEAKING OF THIS ONE...Lets get down to it!

So yummy!


  • Extra Firm Tofu
  • garlic
  • soy sauce
  • sesame oil
  • lime juice
  • brown sugar
  • carrots
  • lettuce
  • green onions
  • zucchini (cucumber is a good substitute)
  • spring roll wrappers

1) strain Tofu block and cut into slices (or wedges or strips).

2) Lay wedges/strips on a flat surface and Press firmly with paper towels to squeeze out the water. Flip each one over and press them again.

3) Combine garlic, sesame oil, lime juice, brown sugar & soy sauce and mix well. This will be your marinade as well as your dipping sauce.

4) Spread liberally on both sides, cover with plastic wrap and let it do its thing for at least 30 minutes.

**NOT PICTURED: pan fry your tofu until it is golden on each side***

5) Get your wrappers together and have a plate with warm water (You want to dip your wrappers in the warm water for 5 seconds).

6) You assemble your spring roll the same way you would assemble a burrito. For mine, I spread the wrapper on a flat surface, put lettuce on top, tofu, carrots, zucchini and then green onions. But you can assemble any way you like.

7) Carefully wrap your spring roll and try not to break the delicate rice paper (I broke a couple).

8) I also made pot stickers to go with these spring rolls, because I love pot stickers. You can serve with rice or anything you like really.

9) Lastly...EAT!

I hope you guys enjoyed this recipe, I'll be adding more recipes in the coming weeks!


Friday, September 26, 2014

Ft. Hood Hell on Wheels VS Marble Falls Night Mares

Marble Falls Night Mares & Fort Hood Hell on Wheels

Sunday, September 21st, Hell on Wheels had its very first scrimmage against Marble Falls Night Mares!! This was very exciting for both teams, and we also learned a whole lot together! Due to my injury I wasn't able to play, but I do think I was able to get some good shots!

The final score was 247-57 with Hell on Wheels winning. They did amazing. Both teams did amazing. It was so cool watching everyone work so hard, especially knowing how much hard work went into practices!!

Thank you so much to the Marble Falls Night Mares for hosting us, it was a great experience!! Hopefully we'll be able to do it again soon!

Dont forget to check us out at  Hell on Wheels Facebook! And check out Marble Falls Facebook as well!

***reminder: All photos included in this post belong exclusively to Evon of Do not use without permission. If you would like to use an image from this post, please contact:***