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Friday, May 20, 2016

Healthy Sleep

Evon Von Blog | Healthy Sleep

Sleep is vital to our health and well being. Believe it or not our mental and bodily functionality is determined by sleep. Lack of sleep can take its toll on you.  That brings me to my next question. How well do you sleep? Casper (the start up that designed the perfect mattress, sheets and pillow) has shared their Better Sleep Month project with me, and I absolutely love it. Lets be honest, most of us do not get adequate sleep. More-so our sleep quality is more than likely slacking. One out of every three people suffer from insomnia (according to the Sleep Help Foundation). When Casper reached out to me about their Better Sleep Month project, they shared with me several few pledge cards that are for their project. They depict common sleep problems and solutions. After taking a look at them, I was taken aback by how many of these I actually identify with! But out of all of them, I would say that I am victim to the following four.

1) Busy Mind. This is one hundred percent me. I have so many things on my mind throughout the day, and once in bed it seems to get worse. Have you ever had a completely random train of thought that had NOTHING to do with anything? I do that a  lot. I like the solution of creating a bedtime ritual. Ive been considering doing yoga for some time, and I think this would be the perfect opportunity for me to get started. I've actually seen several bedtime poses. I pledge to start yoga tonight for my body and mind.
2) Anxiety- I have severe anxiety, and this ties in a lot with number 1 with a busy mind. A lot of the thoughts in my mid are worries and unnecessary stresses. I absolutely think that yoga alone would help with anxiety and a busy mind, but I really like the idea of meditation. I think it would go very well with yoga. I definitely want to try meditating at night. I pledge to meditate at night, more than likely once I'm laying in bed when its dark and quiet.

3) Noise- Okay, this is a difficult area for me. I hear things a lot. That's a post for a different day, but lets say that it affects me a lot. Aside from that, being in an apartment, I have to contend with having neighbors in close proximity. Although My apartment is on the top floor, our downstairs neighbors are extremely loud. They have children that run around and scream at all hours of the night. The way that our apartment is built, our floors vibrate when they are running. I don't like sleeping with earplugs (I honestly don't like earplugs in general) But I have developed a habit of covering my face with a large pillow. This has definitely helped with hearing noises around my apartment. It may seem weird, but it actually is quite comforting.

4) Not tired- I am extremely guilty of this one. First let me say that when I was younger, I didn't want a TV in my bedroom. But after getting married, we ended up having one in there. I was against it for a while, but then it became convenient. Football game on in the living room, I would just go lay in bed and watch TV. We added an Xbox 360 back there and I would play video games in bed. At night after getting things ready for the next day, We get in bed and watch TV for 30 minutes to an hour and then turn it off. But after that, I spend some time on my phone checking social media, playing games, watching cat videos....y'know, important stuff. I know that playing around with electronics is not a great thing when you're about to attempt sleeping. The activity is really stimulating, which is counter productive to even laying down in the first place. I pledge to keep my phone out of reach and stay off electronics before going to bed.

Can you identify with any of the above mentioned sleep problems? Below there are four more pledge cards that were sent to me. Do you identify with any of these? I've pledged to change my night time routine in four ways. Who else will take the pledge to have better, healthier sleep? I encourage you to visit and take a look at the mattresses, pillows and sheets that they Carry. Healthy sleep is important, let them help you achieve the best sleep you've ever had.

* reached out to me, but the above opinions are mine and mine alone.

lotsa love to ya!

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Evon is a lifestyle blogger based in Massachusetts. She has a passion for nerd culture, food and movies. To find out more about Evon, and this blog, take a look at the About Me page!

Thursday, May 19, 2016

2016 Cosplay List

It's about that time again! Time to make an ungodly long list of Cosplay plans for upcoming conventions. Con season is already in full swing for most people, but for me it starts next month. Mid June my very first con in New England will be here. I've tried restraining myself this year, I will only be creating 4 new costumes. One is already done, one I've started, and the other two aren't even drawn out yet.

1. Raiden

I am done with my Raiden costume, and I have to say I'm very proud of it! I can't wait to post pictures of it. One day soon I will put it back on and take a few photos and maybe even make a video about it.

2. Baroness

I started working on my Baroness costume immediately after finishing my Raiden. I've got a lot of work done but I still have some work ahead of me. I've made the bodysuit, but I've still got to make more adjustments so that it fits better. The chest piece is done, but it doesn't look the greatest. But it may work once I finish the cobra emblem on the front. I have the gloves done and the boots I plan on wearing are ready. I've even got the wig. Two areas I haven't even started are the belt and the glasses (although these will be easy and cheap to get).

3. Lady Deadpool

I love Deadpool. Let me also say that I have been a fan for a very long time but have never even thought of cosplaying any version of him. After watching the Deadpool movie, I decided to start planning out a Deadpool costume for myself. BONUS: My kiddo is going to be cosplaying with me as Kidpool. So far I've been working on the masks and the Katanas. Yes, I am making two pairs of Katanas....they are origami and they are glorious! Again, I will post an article about my costumes with detailed information. BONUS #2: I also want to work on a Sailor Pool costume at some point, although its not really on my list. There wouldn't really be a whole lot to do to achieve this, but I'm trying to stick to my list here.!

4. Bombshell Batwoman

This costume should have been done last year. I got all of the supplies for it, but for some reason I never finished it. I have the socks, the gloves and the belt. I made the hat, and I have the material to make the dress. I have no excuse, ha ha. I will get it completed by the end of this year, believe it!

Now that I've shared my list with you guys, what are some costumes that you have been working on or would like to create?!

lotsa love to ya!

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Evon is a lifestyle blogger based in Massachusetts. She has a passion for nerd culture, food and movies. To find out more about Evon, and this blog, take a look at the About Me page!

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

5 Steps to Prepare for Cosplay

Okay so first let me just state that the method explained here is my method. The way I plan for cosplaying is the best way for me. There are tons of ways to prepare, and everyone has their own. You really have to figure out what will work better for you.

-Side note: This article is geared towards people who want to make their costumes. There's nothing at all wrong with purchasing a costume, you're still a cosplayer.

Evon Von Blog | 5 Steps To Prepare For Cosplay

1. Think of a character! This is the easiest thing, most of the time. Of course when you get inspired by lots of different movies, shows etc. It can be hard to decide. Start with making a list. What character do you like? What characters would you like to cosplay as?

2. Prioritize. Out of the characters you've selected, which ones do you like more? Which one do you feel could be done quicker and which one would take more time? This really plays into what your approach is. Some people prefer tackling the more complex costumes first. Personally I like to start with the easier/ less time consuming option.

3. Skill level. This is really important. Understanding where your skills are helps immensely when it comes to productivity. For example: I sew well, but when it comes to things like foam armor, I'm not so great.  My comfort level is strong with sewing, and nil when it comes to armor. I tend to focus on sewn costumes with one or two extra props or accessories, than full body armor. I still have nightmares about Faora from time to time. **Look below to watch my video about my Faora Ul Cosplay**

4. Plan every detail. When planning, I like to draw everything out. This not only allows me to see how many components there will be, it also allows me to get a better understanding of the details. When I draw out a characters costume, I'm able to get a better understanding of things like placement on the body of straps, harnesses, belts, blouses or whatever else the character is wearing. i make detailed notes of every accessory as well. This way I know I won't forget anything.

5. Rock it. Once you've finished your costume, put that thing on your body and have a blast wearing it! Don't compare your creation with someone elses, enjoy the work you put into your cosplay and be proud of what you created.

As I stated in the beginning, this is the method I use when preparing to cosplay. This may work for you, or it may not. Find the best method for you and have fun with it all. After all  we're all just nerds dressed up in costume!

** here is my Youtube video going over my Faora Cosplay, and explaining what I liked, didn't like, had issues with etc.

lotsa love to ya!

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Evon is a lifestyle blogger based in Massachusetts. She has a passion for nerd culture, food and movies. To find out more about Evon, and this blog, take a look at the About Me page!

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

The Will to Do

I've been in an extreme slump over the past several months. Not just a slump, I'm talking a crater here. The kind of downer that makes you question everything in your life. Things have been hard lately, not physically, but mentally. My drive for everything was gone. I even considered getting rid of all my craft and cosplay supplies (egads that would have been a terrible mistake!). But that is an article for a different day! I've been getting the help I need and things are improving. With my new found drive I decided that next week is going to be confessions week! Each day I'll share a confession with you guys in an effort to let you guys get to know more about me! Thanks for sticking with me through this, I'm definitely a work in progress.
lotsa love to ya!

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Evon is a lifestyle blogger based in Massachusetts. She has a passion for nerd culture, food and movies. To find out more about Evon, and this blog, take a look at the About Me page!

Monday, March 21, 2016

Surprise Characters We Could See In Captain America: Civil War

This week's Movie Monday Post comes in as a guest post.  This guest post was submitted by Allison James.

Surprise Characters we could see in Captain America: Civil War | Evon Von Blog

By now we have a pretty good idea of what Captain America: Civil War will look like. The government is going to introduce policies meant to regulate and control the actions of the superhero community, which will cause a rift between the top Avengers. Wary of government intervention because of his history with S.H.I.E.L.D. and HYDRA, Captain America will lead the Avengers who wish to remain independent. Concerned over his own actions (spawning Ultron) under his own authority, Iron Man will lead those who wish to embrace regulation.

It's a pretty interesting plot and a nice direction for Marvel to take the Avengers in. But because this looks more like an ensemble movie than a Captain America sequel, a lot of the focus has been on the number of characters involved. We know now how they'll be split up on their respective "teams." But do we really know all of the characters that are going to appear in this film?

The answer to that is probably yes—at least in terms of major roles. But Marvel loves its easter eggs and surprise appearances, which means we definitely shouldn't rule out a few unexpected cameos or new character introductions. And the following heroes and villains could conceivably be among the surprises.

The Hulk

The Hulk is probably the most popular rumour out there as far as surprise appearances go. Mark Ruffalo has said that his Bruce Banner/Hulk character was originally in the script for Civil War but was later removed (and reportedly given a significant role in 2017's Thor: Ragnarok). However, a recent blurb in Vulture told a different story. Evidently, Anthony Mackie (who plays Falcon and will appear in Civil War) said in a BBC1 interview that fans will get to see a number of actors "do really, really good acting." And among the actors he mentioned was Ruffalo. So for now it does seem as if the Hulk, or at least Bruce Banner, could still drop in on Civil War.

Agent Venom

It's been confirmed that Spider-Man is making a debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in Civil War, with up-and-coming actor Tom Holland cast in the role. Indeed, this has been one of the most exciting aspects of the build-up to this film, and the Internet was recently worked into a frenzy when Spider-Man made his first appearance in the new trailer. Actually it was likely a stunt man who filmed a scene before Holland was even on set, but we nevertheless got a glimpse of the new suit and some Holland voice over action. At any rate, what we don't know yet is whether or not Spider-Man will have his own personal villain to contend with. It would seem unlikely if not for the fact that the Agent Venom character—a sort of soldier version of Spidey's Venom nemesis—has recently surfaced in some Marvel video games. Most notably, he's been introduced in Marvel Heroes, an online MMO game that frequently features characters that are about to appear in new films. It could be a coincidence, or it could be a not-so-subtle hint that Agent Venom will appear in Civil War.


Wolverine is probably more of a stretch than the first two characters mentioned. However, in sticking with the theme of Marvel putting hints in video games, it's worth noting that the character is featured at Gala Casino in a roulette table game. In and of itself that's not remarkable, as Wolverine has long been included in a number of online casino games. But this particular game places him alongside Captain America, Iron Man, Spider-Man, and other Avengers. It's a bit of a glaring crossover. Furthermore, Hugh Jackman has suggested in the past that he'd love to join the Avengers on screen should Marvel decide to work together with 20th Century Fox (which owns the cinematic rights to the X-Men) as it did with Sony to rope in Spider-Man.


Finally, Wasp is another character to be on the lookout for in Civil War. Somehow the fact that Paul Rudd's Ant-Man character will be appearing in Civil War has gone somewhat under the radar. But he will indeed be present, and we already know that his next solo movie will be called Ant-Man And The Wasp, presumably dealing with the introduction of his female counterpart, Wasp. But considering the fact that Civil War will mark the introductions of characters like Black Panther and Spider-Man before they appear in any solo projects, it wouldn't be too surprising to see some early signs of Wasp this spring.

None of these characters have been confirmed for Civil War, and it could be that the film comes and goes without any being included. But never underestimate Marvel's capacity to surprise.

Would you like to submit a guest post to this blog? Feel free to shoot me an email with your idea and or article!

lotsa love to ya!

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Evon is a lifestyle blogger based in Massachusetts. She has a passion for nerd culture, food and movies. To find out more about Evon, and this blog, take a look at the About Me page!