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Saturday, August 01, 2015

Video Recap: Faora Ul

This overdue video is about my Faora Ul Costume that I completed for a convention back in June! It goes hand in hand basically with this post as it goes through each piece created and I explain a little bit about my process. I say in the video that we are moving and I'm not taking this costume with me. I would much rather build another one having a completely clean slate than have a reminder piece around. I duno, I think it would be easier for me to just start all the way over again since I feel like I learned so much throughout this. I would feel better starting from zero. Does that make sense?  I think its just nice to see a video to explain things instead of just pictures and text. It makes it a bit easier to understand.

I'm slowly becoming more comfortable recording videos, and getting my lighting and everything straight. But I'd still love your input on how this video is. Let me know what you think I can change or improve upon! 

Nerdy love to ya!

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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Bombshell Batwoman

I started working on my Bombshell Batwoman cosplay! I don't have a lot of progress done, but I did want to go ahead and share what I have so far! I started with the hat because it was the easiest.

I screen printed the Bat Symbol on the front (which I may have to actually alter the top middle), and I sewed the ears on. I had the perfect wig already, so I decided to do a quick run trough of the makeup, hair and hat.  I also made a new YouTube video! I've been on a short roll lately with making videos, I'm proud of myself!

Please bear with me on this one, the video quality is total shit, I'm working on finding a better alternative for these videos. I PROMISE! But like I said in the video, I have started cutting out and pinning together things for the actual baseball dress thing. The bodice, sleeves and collar are all cut and pinned, I just need to stitch them up individually and then sew them all together. Here are some of the pictures of all that stuff:

Hopefully I can get the whole camera issue together before the next video I make. I'd love to show some of the stuff I'm doing while actually doing it. On camera! We'll see how it goes tomorrow with my camera, and sewing, and daily life.

Nerdy love to ya!

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Friday, July 10, 2015

Cosplayers Among Us

Let me tell you about a really cool magazine that just came out! The name of it is Cosplayers Among Us. Like I said, they are a brand new magazine that debuted their first issue in June. (I say in the video that I'm a little bit late posting this video. In addition to redoing my youtube channel, Ive had a lot of things going on in my personal life. But better late than never!)

I'm not familiar with common practices of magazines, but I have never heard of one donating their profits to charity. Cosplayers Among Us donates a portion of their profits to the Extra Life charity. I think that that is such a great thing to do. There are a lot of really great articles throughout the magazine as well! Did I mention that I am actually in it? Holy Cannoli its so cool to see yourself in print!

The first issue of this magazine is great, and I know they will only become even better the more time that goes by. I can't wait to see how much this magazine grows, and I am definitely going to keep checking out more issues as they come! I give a more in depth description of the magazine in my video, so check it out!

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Thursday, July 09, 2015

Hello People on the Internet!

So I've been working on revamping my YouTube channel, and I've got several videos that I'm in the process of editing! I was able to finish my new Intro video though! I plan on posting often and I will be using it in conjunction with my blog here. But there will also be some content that will only be on YouTube, so you'll have to check there to see what you're missing! Here's my intro video:

Anyone who has any advice, tips, help, whatevs feel free to share them! This is my 'first' video in a long time, and it's still awkward being in front of a camera. I feel like I sound weird. I know that the spot I'm sitting in wasn't the best choice, but I think that I really wanted to get this video out there. I'm thinking about redoing my other videos so that I am in a better spot. Maybe not...I don't know, ahhh! Anyways, like I said, I'll be posting videos semi often, and I'd love for y'all to check them out! 

Nerdy love to ya!

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Plants VS Zombies: Garden Warfare

I am so excited to talk to you guys about this Plants VS Zombies game! I never really liked the other Plants VS Zombies games. My son thought they were alright, but that's about it. Rewind a couple of weeks ago to when I was watching E3 on TV mid June and they talked (briefly) about this game. I remember thinking that it looked amazing and I would even give it a try. Well after that segment of E3, I forgot all about this game. Until I noticed it on sale through Games with Gold, so we went ahead and bought it.

This game is setup basically like 'capture the flag' in Call of Duty (that's the closest thing i could think of!). You plant a garden, pot your ally plants in the pots around, and then defend it against the various waves of zombies that come. The zombies run to your garden, but your allies can shoot them if they are within range. This is a HUGE difference from the original game. The original game was pretty dull. The first thing that grabbed my attention was how vibrant everything was. It definitely looked more colorful and there were more things to actually see. Its a first person 'shooter' game, which I like. What you are able to shoot depends on which character you use. You play as the plants and you are able to choose between the Cactus, Pea Shooter, Chomper and Sunflower.

They all look so much cooler now that they aren't boring two dimensional! The zombies look equally cool. And there are so many different kinds which do different things! They also have fun costumes on. And instead of them creeping up to your garden, they run to it. Sorta in a 28 Days Later kind of way (kind of). They come in waves. You have a tiny break in between waves, and then they come a' running again!

Apparently there is a Zomboss at some point at the end of the waves. I haven't made it through all of the waves so I have no idea what that's all about, but here's a picture of the Zomboss:

I actually plan on playing it a little bit this evening, lets hope I can make it more than the first two waves, he he! Even though I haven't made it very far, I still really like this game. its a lot of fun!

Nerdy love to ya!

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